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Celebrating 44 years

About Morty's Driving School

Welcome to Morty's Driving School in Montreal, West Island and Vaudreuil.

Morty's Driving School is a family run business which for over 44 years now, has been providing the best driver education available. Since the beginning, our professionalism has brought us the strong reputation and success we enjoy today and we are proud to have successfully trained over 35,000 students to date to become safe and conscientious drivers.

Morty's Driving School has also for over 15 years offered motorcycle safety courses for beginners in order to obtain their class 6 motorcycle license, or for those looking to improve their riding skills. We also offer services, such as closed circuit or on-road exam preperations as well as motorcycle rentals for the SAAQ tests. Morty's instructors and monitors are all certified by the AQTr.


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Project E-Roule

e-roule - Learn to drive in an Electric Vehicle!

Morty's Driving School is proud to be one of the 30 schools selected to take part in the The E-roule pilot project, financially supported by the Government of Québec, aimed at fostering the transition to electric vehicles in the driving school industry.

Students will have the opportunity to take some of their driving classes using fully electric vehicles at Morty's Driving School. While learning the road-safety laws and the usual driving techniques, students will also become familiar with driving electric vehicles and charging them.



Find out more information about the program in our faq section
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Getting Your Driver's License

Getting Your Driver's License

Step 1)
Student must complete 5 theoretical classes (2 hours each class)
Classes are given once a week same day and time weekly
A test will be given in the 5th class (30 questions multiple choice) if passed student can present them self at the SAAQ to receive the learners permit
Step 2)
At this point student must wait (mandated by law) 1 year before he/she can receive a license where they can drive alone.
During this one year, there is another 7 theory classes (2 hours each) as well as the mandated 15 in-car hours
Step 3)
Knowledge exam at the SAAQ
Step 4)
Road exam at the SAAQ

VIP Driving Exam Service
Do you want to go with us to your exam?
We will pick you up on the day of your exam
We will take you to your driving test
We will give you a quick crash driving test course
You will use your familiar Morty's car for your test
We will take you home after the test!
Cost for the service depends on the SAAQ location requested

Getting Your Motorcycle License

Getting Your Motorcycle License

Step 1)
3 hours theory (1 class closed track preparation)
Step 2)
SAAQ theory exam (must pass b4 eligible to begin closed track)
Step 3)
16 hours on our closed track (4 x 4 hrs)
Step 4)
3 hours theory (1 class road preparation)
Step 5)
10 hours on road (4-4-2)
Step 6)
SAAQ closed track exam
Step 7)
You can now ride a bike with a probationary license (restrictions apply)
Step 8)
Wait 11 months
Step 9)
Final SAAQ motorcycle road exam

Getting Your Scooter License

Getting Your Scooter License

Step 1)
3 hour theory class
Step 2)
3 hours on a scooter
Step 3)
Theoretical multiple choice exam at the SAAQ


  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "A really incredible driving school! They have excellent instructors and teachers! 10/10 would recommend. You won't get a better service anywhere else!"

    Noa Peretz

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "I only have great things to say about Morty's driving school. The instructors are really looking to make you a fully skilled driver that will safely enjoy riding a motorcycle. They have a real passion for what they do. If you want to learn how to ride, go to Morty's!!!!"

    Bakary Diarra

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "Jack was an excellent instructor!!!! He gave lots of positive reinforcement. I passed my driving test on my first try. Would highly recommend to anyone learning to drive."

    Kira Riehm


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