Morty's Frequently Asked Questions

$1,076.00 + tax = $1,237.13 including tax

$1100.00 + tax = $1,264.73 including tax

$375.00 + tax = $431.16 including tax

*There are 3 payment options available and no interest is charged on any payment plan

Option 1 - 6 installments consisting of:

5 installments of $200.00
1 installment of $237.13
You would need to provide us with a credit card number on file or you can provide us with 6 post dated cheques.

Option 2 - 3 installments consisting of:

1st installment: $437.13 due before you start Theory 1 class
2nd installment: $400.00 due before Theory 8 (the start of phase 3)
3rd installment: $400.00 due before Theory 11 (the start of phase 4)

Option 3 - Full Payment:

You can choose to pay the course in full with 1 payment via credit, check or debit card.

*No interest is charged on any payment plan

2 installments:
1st installment: $400.00 due before the start of Theory 1
2nd installment: $748.60 due before the start of closed circuit training

Full payment plan:
You can choose to pay the course in full with 1 payment.

Full payment plan:
Full payment must be paid before the start of Theory 1

*In certain cases the scooter course can be paid in 2 payments over 1-2 weeks. Please send an email to to confirm this payment plan.


We accept Visa or Mastercard
You can come into one of our offices to pay by credit card or you can call one of our locations to give your credit card information over the phone


Please send e-transfers to
Please make sure to write the name of the registered student in the notes (adding in the phone number from your file would be helpful)


You can make a cash payment at any one of our locations


DECARIE: Monday to Friday 11am - 6pm
DDO: Monday to Friday 12pm - 6pm
BEACONSFIELD: Monday to Friday 12pm - 6pm
VAUDREUIL-DORION: Monday to Friday 12pm - 6pm

Phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm or for any emergency email us at

*Please take note that phone payments and booking in car lessons with instructors through the office can only take place during office hours

The program is divided into 12 modules that alternate between classroom learning, self-study and on-road instruction. This alternating approach lets learners put the knowledge and competencies acquired in the classroom and from self-study into practice during the in-car sessions. This formula also promotes better integration of the knowledge, skills and behaviour covered in the course.

Phase 1 MUST begin with Theory #1. Classes 2-4 can be done in any order however class 1-4 must be completed before completing Theory #5. *This phase must take a minimum of 28 days
Phase 2 MUST begin with Theory #6. This phase MUST be done in the order you see in the chart. *This phase must take a minimum of 28 days
Phase 3 MUST begin with Theory #8. Then can be completed in any order. However the above is the recommended order by Morty’s Driving School. *This phase must take a minimum of 56 days
Phase 4 MUST begin with Theory #11. Theory #11 & #12 should be completed before the final 5 in-car sessions. *This phase must take a minimum of 56 days

Step 1) 3 hours theory (1 class: closed track preparation)
Step 2) SAAQ theory exam (must pass before eligible to begin closed track)
Step 3) 16 hours on our closed track (4 x 4 hrs)
Step 4) 3 hours theory (1 class: road preparation)
Step 5) 10 hours on road (2hrs-4hrs-4hrs)
Step 6) SAAQ closed track exam
Step 7) You can now ride a bike with a probationary license (restrictions apply)
Step 8) Wait 11 months Step 9) Final SAAQ motorcycle road exam

Step 1) 3 hour theory class
Step 2) 3 hours practical training on a scooter
Step 3) Theoretical multiple choice exam at the SAAQ


You must enter your permit information into Drive Traqr. Once that is done, call during office hours or email to be assigned an instructor. Once you are assigned an instructor you will be notified what is the best way to schedule appointments.


Book the closed track in the Drive Traqr. If you’re not able to, it's because you either didn’t enter your permit information, you didn’t do the required classes or you didn’t upload the screenshots from your previous class.


Book on the Drive Traqr. If you’re not able to, it's because you missed a step, didn’t enter your permit information, didn’t attend a previous class or you didn’t upload the screenshots from your previous class.

*If you need to cancel an appointment it must be done 24 HOURS before your lesson or you will be charged a fee. If you do not show up for your lesson you will also be charged.

Yes. Please contact us with your request and availability and we will change the instructor on your account and send you their contact information.

We require 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Failure to cancel at least 24 hours in advance or failure to show up for your lesson will result in a charge.

In-car: $50 + tax (per in-car)
Motorcycle: $85 + tax
Scooter: $65 + tax

Yes. Please ask your old school for your attestation and bring it to us! We’ll get you started ASAP whether it be for car, motorcycle or scooter!

Yes. As it is a government mandated course we must present you with certification. In order for us to present you with certification, you must do the whole course; 6 hours of theory and 26 hours of practical.

You can book an appointment through the SAAQ online portal
The Drive Traqr is our system for how you track your progress throughout the course. Whether you’re taking the car, motorcycle or scooter course, you’re able to login, reserve classes, track payments and more. You can log in through Morty's Driving School Website.

You must enter the same email address when initially registering with Morty’s. If you don’t know your email address or password callus during office hours or email us at
Once logged in you will see your account where you can check your progress, balance, reserve a class and upload your zoom pictures.


This is probably because a different email was used for your reservation. Please email us at with your full name, phone number, old email address and the email address you'd like on file to rectify the situation.


Enter your email address and click “forgot password”. Follow instructions on screen to retrieve or reset your password.


Please consult the course structure as you may be doing a class that does not follow government guidelines. It could also mean that you did not upload your zoom picture for your completed class.

Please click schedule at the home page of Morty's Driving School or login to the drive traqr to reserve it on your file.

Once you reserve for a class you will receive an email with the information for the zoom meeting within 24 HOURS OF YOUR COURSE. Please remember that your video feed needs to remain visible at all times. Please make sure your room has ample lighting and that you are sitting in a position which demonstrates you are paying attention. Please do not go off zoom (for example, to check a text message) as your video feed cuts out.
Failure to comply with the rules will result in removal from the class which you will have to retake. You will not be allowed to enter the class after the first 15 minutes. If you are late, you can sign up for another class.


You will be admitted into the class only if your name and phone number you signed up with are written.

To change your name

On desktop:
Step 1: If you are using the Zoom desktop client, then launch the app and click on your profile icon and select "My Profile". It will take you to your profile page.
Step 2: Click "Edit" to the right of your profile picture.
Step 3: Now type your desired name and phone number in the text fields titled "First Name" and "Last Name" and click on "Save changes" at the bottom of your screen once you are done.

On Phone:
Step 1: Open your Zoom app and click on Settings in the bottom right corner of your screen.
Step 2: Tap on your "Profile" at the top of your sidebar and then select "Display Name".
Step 3: Once selected, enter your desired new name and phone number in the two text fields that appear and tap on "Ok" to finalize your name change.

Once you enter the waiting room you cannot change your name. If your name and phone number are not entered before entering the waiting room, exit the waiting room, change your name so your full name and phone number are displayed and then re-enter the waiting room.

Could be anytime 24 hours before class. Always make sure the email didn't go into your spam folder.
If you didn’t receive the information 30 minutes before class, please email us at

If you visit the Driver Traqr and click login you will be prompted to enter your email and password. Once in your account around half way down the page you can upload screenshots or/and edit them as well if you make a mistake.

zoom upload

Step 1) The 50 minutes of class is a review of classes 1, 2, 3, and 4 for the test.
Step 2) At 7:45PM there will be a 10 minute break.
Step 3) On the break you will need to upload your start of class zoom screenshot to your Drive Traqr account to be able to take your permit test.
Step 4) At 8pm, students will need to login to the Drive Traqr and click on "Do test".
Step 5) Students will need to do 24 multiple choice practice questions and will need to get 18 correct to pass the test which is a 75%.
Step 6) Please note, students will need 2 devices for this class. 1 device to be present on Zoom and another device to do the exam on the Drive Traqr.
Step 7) Once the test is done students must wait until the end of class so that the teacher can go over the explanations of the answers.
Step 8) At the end of class the results will be posted on the students account automatically.
Step 9) If the student passes the exam they must present themselves at the location they initially registered at with Morty’s to get their certification of successful completion of phase 1. If you are not sure which location you are registered at you can check on your account on the Drive Traqr. Then this document must be taken to the SAAQ to receive the Learner Permit.
Step 10) If the student so happens to fail the exam they can reserve for the next available exam date on the Drive Traqr.
Step 11) Items to bring to the SAAQ:
1) 2 pieces of government ID
2) If student is under 18 they will need the SAAQ consent form filled out my a parent or guardian.
3) Certificate from Morty’s
4) If not born in Canada, or to make an appointment to pick up the permit at the SAAQ please call 1-855-564-3170.

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Have questions? We want to hear from you! You can call us at 514-696-6789, use the "Live Chat" in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, or fill out the form below.