Montreal, January 28, 2021 – The E-roule pilot project, financially supported by the Government of Québec, aims to raise young drivers’ awareness about driving electric, and to make it easier for driving schools to transition to fully electric cars. In summer 2020, Québec’s Transportation Ministry launched a call for applications from driving schools and received about 100, from every part of the province. Morty's Driving School is one of 30 selected for the project, thanks in part to its motivation to take concrete action to raise awareness about eco-responsible driving among youth. It now offers students the option of taking part of their practical driving training in 100% electric vehicles.

Young people in the region can now take their driving classes using fully electric vehicles at Morty's Driving School. While learning the road-safety laws and the usual driving techniques, students will also become familiar with driving electric vehicles and charging them. What’s more this driving experience is being offered at no additional cost!

Thanks to the E-roule project, Morty's Driving School benefited from personalized support from the Fondation québécoise d’éducation en sécurité routière (FQESR) to adapt the electric vehicles for classes, to train staff, to create additional learning materials and to install charging stations. Replacing gas-powered cars with electric vehicles will not only reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but also offer a new generation of drivers the opportunity to gain early experience with electric cars and to understand the advantages of eco-driving, so they will champion these causes. For its pilot project portion, E-roule plans to replace 80 gas vehicles in 30 select driving schools by April 2021. Ten schools will convert to an entirely electrified fleet, and another 20 will do so in part.

About E-roule

The E-roule pilot project to convert driving schools’ vehicle fleets to electric has a maximum budget of $4.5 million provided by Québec’s Transportation Ministry, from a measure included in the 2013–2020 Climate Change Action Plan. The only project of its kind in the world, E-roule will enable more than 30,000 students over two years to learn to drive in one of 80 fully electric vehicles deployed in selected driving schools.

To find out more about E-roule, see the website: www.e-roule.com


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