Motorcycle Driving Lessons in the West Island

Classroom Morty s Driving School As of January 1st, 2015 the Mandatory Motorcycle Driving Course has been Modified by the S.A.A.Q.

The course is comprised of a 3-phase program consisting of:

  1. 6 hrs Theory
  2. 16 hrs Closed Track Circuit practice
  3. 10 hrs Road practice

The 6 hrs of Moto Theory Classes consist of:

  • 3 Hrs - Preparation for Closed Circuit practice and the S.A.A.Q Closed Circuit Examination.
  • 3 Hrs - Preparation for on the Road Practice and Preparation for the "On the Road" S.A.A.Q Examination.

The Moto Practical Classes consist of:

  • The course includes 16 hrs of Closed Track practice. (4 sessions of 4 hrs each)
  • The course includes 10 hrs on the Road Practice. (5 sessions of 2 hrs each. May be modified 2hrs, 4hrs, 4hrs.)

motorcycle program

Course Material Required! The revised book "Operating a Motorcycle Manual" is a MUST for successfully passing the S.A.A.Q Examination. (New Manual Available at Morty's as of June 1, 2015). Up to May 31, 2015 the Existing version will be sufficient for successfully passing the S.A.A.Q Examination.

To do Practice Questions before attempting the S.A.A.Q theory test - You can do the Online Practice test for Motorcycle at

Flexible Payments Plans are available!!

Prices shown are for 6 hours of theory in the classroom and 26 hours of practical lessons on a motorcycle, as required by the S.A.A.Q.  In the event that additional practical lessons are required or requested, additional charges will apply.

At Morty's Driving School we have been teaching people how to drive and ride since 1977. Your Success and Safety is our primary goal! Our professionalism has brought us the strong reputation and success we enjoy today. We will make you a Safe, Cooperative, and Responsible rider - so you can enjoy a life time of Pleasurable and Safe driving!
Don't settle for less and choose the Best!!
Join us - you will be glad you did!!

What our graduates are saying:

I loved my driving instructor. He was so patient and helped me with everything down to the smallest detail. I got my license on my first try! Couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends!

Read what this grad says:

I wanted to make sure that when I chose a Motorcycle school that it was able to train me properly for defensive techniques. I checked up and found out that Morty's was not only certified, but some friends of mine had trained there 25 years ago. The Motorcycle driving instructors where knowledgeable and conscientious.

This student had this to say:

I found the experience fantastic. Everyone from the office staff to the instructors were all very professional. It was just a great customer service experience. The lessons were done on time and every employee was pleasant and trustworthy. I’m definitely telling all my friends about this school.

A motorcycle student said this:

I was so nervous to drive a motorcycle. After taking the course at Morty’s I gained so much confidence and experience and now I’m riding all over the place. The theory and practice instructors were so helpful. Just an amazing customer service .

Oren Preisler:

Carrying on the family Legacy, Oren Preisler took over the Montreal location in 2005. Oren is a certified instructor with l'Association québécoise du transport et des routes (AQTR).
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